West of the Border

West of the Border – Digital Print – 13 x 22 inchesEverything seemed normal last night when she got into bed. She pulled the covers up to her chin and slept without a dream until the morning light woke her up. Not bothering to put on clothing, she went out on the balcony to brush her hair. In a few moments she’ll return to the room only to discover that it has become a forest with graffiti on the walls. Such transformations ruffle her composure only slightly: she is used to living in dreams— in her own and in those of the world. For the time being, her only difficulty is finding something to wear.

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Red Door, Black Door

Red Door, Black Door – Watercolor – 21 x 29 inches.
Every morning, the Queen of North Beach walks her panther. In San Francisco it is illegal to walk your pet without a leash. (You have to look closely to see that the panther’s leash is only a ribbon that the Queen chose to match the color of her dress and parasol.)
She told me that one morning a policeman stopped her to warn her that a ribbon was not a real leash.
“It was just an excuse,” she said, “to ask me for my phone number.”
“Did you give it to him?”
“I gave him a smile.”

Fields and Corvids

Fields and Corvids – Mixed media – 18 x 24 inchesDecember. Long frigid nights, little sunlight during daytime. Snow and ice until April. Cornfield stubble on the left, a row of box houses on the right. Two ravens soar in the middle.

I drew this field years ago and can’t see it again because it is buried under condos, strip malls and parking lots. On the other hand, the ravens’ grandchildren flourish. Some even moved to California.

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