Angel Makers

A few autumns ago, in Copenhagen,  I encountered my first Angel Maker. Unaware of what an Angel Maker was, I met her sister shortly after, in Stockholm. The sister appears, painted on a wooden panel, in the Medeltidsmuseet, the Museum of Medieval Stockholm. It is displayed in a reconstructed medieval village with, among other attractions, a main square, a knight on horseback, a church, a gallows and a display of common crimes and punishments of the Middle Ages. These two angel makers are separated in time by several hundred years, but what they share in common is expressed in the Swedish word, Änglamakerska, that is, one who has made an angel out of a child by returning it to heaven, sometimes in gruesome ways.

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La Mirada

La Mirada – Watercolor – 20 x 28 inches

Spain is rightly called a “Crossroad of Cultures.” Over the course of several millennia, Celts, Visigoths, Muslims, Romans, Carthaginians and who knows how many others have settled here and called it home. Invasions and wars seem to have been the rule, rather than the exception. La Mirada is “the gaze.” You can encounter it anywhere, but most often when you, a stranger, enter a village or a deserted street in the oldest neighborhood of a city. A face peers out from behind curtains and La Mirada asks: “Should I fear you?” “Are you friend or enemy?” #artistsoninstagram #art #artforsale #cityscapes #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #realisticart #fineart #watercolorpainting #arte

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