La Mirada

La Mirada – Watercolor – 20 x 28 inches

Spain is rightly called a “Crossroad of Cultures.” Over the course of several millennia, Celts, Visigoths, Muslims, Romans, Carthaginians and who knows how many others have settled here and called it home. Invasions and wars seem to have been the rule, rather than the exception. La Mirada is “the gaze.” You can encounter it anywhere, but most often when you, a stranger, enter a village or a deserted street in the oldest neighborhood of a city. A face peers out from behind curtains and La Mirada asks: “Should I fear you?” “Are you friend or enemy?” #artistsoninstagram #art #artforsale #cityscapes #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #realisticart #fineart #watercolorpainting #arte

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One thought to “La Mirada”

  1. Your commentaries and contextual settings are very enriching for me as a viewer. Contemplating the painting in the context of the commentary, I see what I might not have otherwise, details that might go undiscovered or unappreciated: the small rocky “wall” of sorts with only a narrow passageway into the front door, for example. No apparent functionality except perhaps to impede entry into the house just a little bit. A habit drawn from the past? A little open and a little closed, like the curtain pulled a little bit to one side, or the jalousies, a little opened, a little closed. Mysterious and beautiful, clear and ambiguous at the same time.

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