Sketch of Tulips
Watercolor and pencil – 9 x 12 inches

Not one can write a sonnet or hum a sonatina

or win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

None of them has ever lied or harbored any

jealousy towards peonies or rhododendrons.

They cannot be taught to fear immigrants

or to hate Muslims and Latinos.

Not one contaminates the world with plastics or

cares about your gender or your sexual choices.

They don’t care who wields the scissors or

who fills the glass with water. They only want

A little patch of dirt, some rain and sunlight
and to give us the joy of their presence every Spring.

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Three Little Buddhas

Twilight in the green foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Beads of rain trickle down the windows of the studio. An iron-colored sky fades into a cold night. It’s the middle of the month of May, but winter has returned. So why does it feel like the world is on fire?

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The Witnesses

In 1817, in a letter to a friend, John Keats wrote, ” I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of Imagination.” Two hundred and two years later, in this afflicted world–our world–his two affirmations continue to offer insight, and hope.

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