Dancing Light Creek

Dancing Light Creek – Acrylic/canvas – 31 x 40 inches.

There we were, Chris and I, a couple of dudes, wandering around in a wild part of Arizona. By and by we discovered a stream. I was going to call this painting, “Somewhere Near Nowhere,” but “Dancing Light Creek” seemed a better title because that’s what the light was doing.

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Chess, With Clouds

The Scene:

An abandoned hotel* on 6th Street, San Francisco’s Skid Row, early 1970’s.

The Game:

Three-Dimensional chess, with clouds.

The Players:

Gabriel, a Ratter.

Freude, a Film Maker.

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Portrait of a Dancer

Portrait of a Dancer – Oil on canvas – 32 x 40 inches.

This image is a portrait of my niece Ruth, painted in what used to be my studio on the Gran Via in Valencia, Spain. We sense that she’s a pensive young woman, but we don’t know her thoughts. We also can’t share the thoughts of the cat. We suspect, however, that the cat — being a cat — knows whatever there is to know.

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