Portrait of a Dancer

Portrait of a Dancer – Oil on canvas – 32 x 40 inches.

This image is a portrait of my niece Ruth, painted in what used to be my studio on the Gran Via in Valencia, Spain. We sense that she’s a pensive young woman, but we don’t know her thoughts. We also can’t share the thoughts of the cat. We suspect, however, that the cat — being a cat — knows whatever there is to know.

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One thought to “Portrait of a Dancer”

  1. Superb painting. Just look at it from a compositional point of view: the doors and windows, the space open to the dancer, the light, the options available to the dancer, to the spectator, the luminous floor inviting the dancer, the corner, not confining, but liberating into the space before her, the outside, the inside. A portrait of a dancer, sure, but a portrait of everything. This is one gorgeous painting.

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