Fields and Corvids

Fields and Corvids – Mixed media – 18 x 24 inchesDecember. Long frigid nights, little sunlight during daytime. Snow and ice until April. Cornfield stubble on the left, a row of box houses on the right. Two ravens soar in the middle.

I drew this field years ago and can’t see it again because it is buried under condos, strip malls and parking lots. On the other hand, the ravens’ grandchildren flourish. Some even moved to California.

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Western Landscape

Western Landscape – Pastel/paper – 18 x 24 inches.Mother Earth, our beautiful home seen from the window of an airplane, a beautiful human invention.
Normally I don’t use pastels, but this image of Light, Earth, Air and Water seemed to call for it.

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My Friend, Lee

My friend, Lee – pencil/paper – 3 x 4 inchesOne of the things I love about my friends is that they know more than I do about more things than I even know about. This 5-minute sketch shows only the merest hint of a guy who knows about a lot of things: trucks, almond farming, making things out of wood, Norwegians, dentistry, San Francisco in the 1960’s and 70’s, donkeys, the irrigation of crops, and building a wood-fired pizza oven from scratch. Plus he’s funny. Someday, perhaps he’ll hold still for longer than 5 minutes.

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