The Hang of Things

After two weeks here in Valencia, I seem to be gradually getting the hang of things: thinking and speaking in Spanish– as difficult as always– also drawing more complex subjects.

I’ve attached another drawing of one of the many bridges in Valencia, this one with statues of the Virgin and a saint, whose name I have forgotten. I hope the software allows you to see the whole drawing, rather than just a fragment, which was the case with the image of a different bridge that I posted last week. (Getting the hang of posting images seems more difficult than speaking Spanish or drawing complex subjects.)

Why bridges? Or, better said, why these particular bridges? Well, I’m trying to draw things that exist here in Spain, but not in California. So far as I know, the bridges here, spanning a dry riverbed, are unique to this place, with or without saints. I’ll share all of the sketches soon on the webpage. In the meantime, thanks for reading this.

2 thoughts to “The Hang of Things”

  1. Perhaps the Puente del Real, and if so, the statues are probably of La Virgen de los Desamparados and San Vicente Ferrer. The drawing captures some very interesting elements: the age of the stone bridge in contrast with the contemporary pedestrians and lamp-post, but mostly the wonderfully baroque ornamentation of the canopies over the statues. In a very succinct drawing you have captured the past, present and aesthetics of the city. Looks like your certainly are “getting the hang of things.”

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