Light Storm

Light Storm – Acrylic/canvas – 32 x 40 inches.

Storms usually visit us from the heavens, with ominous clouds and rough winds, growling thunder and lightning flashes. What if a storm happened in reverse, that it brought us a torrent of light instead of rain? What if the storm arrived not only from above, but out of the earth as well?

That was the premise of this painting. It provoked surprising reactions. After seeing it, for example, a few friends expressed concern about the health of my mind. Why, I didn’t know. The storm seemed perfectly plausible to me.
The painting was purchased by a psychic healer who lived in the state Georgia, USA. He later died, I was told, from the bite of a poisonous spider. What became of the painting I don’t know.

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One thought to “Light Storm”

  1. This painting may seem apocalyptic, and that could well be, though not in a demonic way at all but in a “fear of the Lord” sort of way, a theophany to be sure: a golden light not a red-orange hell fire. A gorgeous painting, capturing the moment where some of the elements swell and enter the purifying fire, while others in the foreground have yet to be swept up in the storm, but they, and we observers too, most inexorably will be captivated.

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