Correos, Valencia

Correos, Valencia – Watercolor – 8 x 11 inches

Although I sat in the shade of a doorway and worked on this sketch for two days, it remains unfinished. From the elaborate architecture you would think the building is a church, or a museum, or some Ministry of the Government, but no: It’s the main Post Office in Valencia, Spain.

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One thought to “Correos, Valencia”

  1. The post office in Madrid, in front of the Cibeles fountain, as you doubtless know, is often referred to as Nuestra Señora de los Correos, playing on the idea that the building looks much like a cathedral. There was a time, I suppose, when Grand Central Station really was grand. In any event your watercolor captures not just the elegance and beauty of the Correos building but the baroque character of adjacent structures and the city of Valencia itself, implicit life outdoors, public spaces with trees. Very civilized, very beautiful. We often pass such marvels, kind of oblivious as we go about daily tasks. Your watercolor stops me in my tracks and draws my attention to that which I might routinely pass by.

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