El Invitado/The Guest

El Invitado/The Guest

Oil on canvas – 28 x 40 inches

We’re enjoying a handful of salted almonds and a glass of cold white wine on a Sunday afternoon in an old tavern in Barcelona. The painting is called, “El Invitado/The Guest.” Perhaps it should have been titled “Invisible Triangle,” because of the three corners in the painting: the woman in the patch of light on the left, we the viewers in another patch of light on the right, and the one in the middle, the one only she can see.

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One thought to “El Invitado/The Guest”

  1. Mysterious. You appropriately place us, the viewers, in the situation of the painting (something often overlooked or taken for granted), and in so doing you create a triangle that is certainly invisible. What’s more, the triangle she can see we do not see as a triangle at all because the illuminated edge of the table makes it a more complex figure than a triangle from our point of view. That is, the triangle is invisible, to us. As I say, mysterious, at least to me. But the painting is mysterious even before you made it more so by implicating us in the painting then suggesting an alternative title that sets thoughts a-spinning. The tavern seems empty, but it’s not. After all, we are nibbling almonds and sipping dry white wine while observing the scene. And who just left that table with the chair pulled back? Are those ice cubes remaining in the otherwise empty glass? Has the woman in the doorway just arrived, or is she departing? I am puzzled, mesmerized. This is a painting that merits multiple viewings and will change with each viewing. Isn’t that one of the characteristics of great art?

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