Del Oro: Rain

Del Oro: Rain – Archival Digital Print – 15 x 20 inches

Imaginary Films – The street exists and so does the rain and the cars and the man and woman with the umbrella. The theater exists too, but the movies don’t; they’re inventions.
I wondered why no one has bought this print. My friend said it’s because “your titles are too somber. Here are three better ones:
The Elderly Brothers
Renegade Biker Sluts.”

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2 thoughts to “Del Oro: Rain”

    1. What I appreciate most about this painting is the point of view of the painter, and thus, our point of view as viewers. Apparently, we are on the second story of a building across the street from the cinema. We are “high and dry,” protected from the rain, so the title of the film, “After the Rain” is both of the moment as well as apocalyptic. But then, “If Not, Not” suggests resignation to anything that will be. “What Will Be, Will Be,” but in the negative only. And what a triple feature! “Saint Judas” reminds us that the fellow who betrayed Jesus, must have had “God on his side,” as Bob Dylan suggests:

      Through many dark hour
      I’ve been thinkin’ about this
      That Jesus Christ
      Was betrayed by a kiss
      But I can’t think for you
      You’ll have to decide
      Whether Judas Iscariot
      Had God on his side

      After all, had Jesus not been betrayed and then executed, would Christianity even exist?

      It is compelling that the titles of the films are so immediate in the painting, and perhaps it’s true that the titles kept the painting from being sold, but I just love the atmosphere and the point of view.

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