Edge of The Elements

Edge of The Elements – Oil on canvas – 86 x 72 inches – (218 x 183 cm.)

Once upon a time—but not that long ago—a girl wandered into a deep forest. She was young and unafraid, and became enchanted by the hum of bees and the fragrance of pines and cedars. Bird songs guided her past brambles, sinkholes and other dark places. After awhile she came to the edge of a lake.

Looking down into the water, she saw leaves half-buried in the muddy bottom, a slender branch that disappeared and then reemerged, shadows of branches above her, and the burning sun, half-hidden behind sheets of clouds. But she herself cast no reflection. “Why can’t I see myself?” she wondered. “Where am I?”

The ones she had left behind, who wondered what became of her, did not blame her for wandering away, and we should not either. She was simply curious and unafraid when she unbuttoned what she was wearing and stepped into the water.

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One thought to “Edge of The Elements”

  1. Mystery. There is a lot of mystery in your paintings, it seems, and in this one, with the addition of the story having the young girl walk into the forest, unafraid, and then step into the water, the mystery increases. But this is one big painting (7 feet by 6 feet), and one can imagine stepping right into it, given its size.

    Once again, I find myself learning to look and to see. Your eye seems to have edited nothing. So we are led to see earth, sky, water, leaves, surface, depth, reflections. So often we only see what we choose to see, want to see, or are trained to see. With this painting one has no alternative but to see it all and then take another step: step into the painting.

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