The Edge of Winter

Current – Oil on canvas – 30 x 36 inches.

Purple iris, red tulips, fragrant lilac, and the music of birds have arrived in our little town in the foothills, about 2,500 feet above the level of the sea. If you welcome Spring, but are not ready to let go of Winter, you need only ascend another 1,500 feet higher into the mountains to find snow and cold.

Perhaps you’ll encounter fox tracks in the snow, and if you walk quietly, a deer and her fawn may pause to appraise you before they disappear into the trees. Branches whisper in the wind. Perhaps you’ll come upon a stream, and be able to hear the murmur of water as it wrinkles around the stones on its way to the sea.

Winter melts in the sunlight, gradually easing it grip on us. But I don’t want to let go of its white fingers and I don’t want Winter to let go of me. I want to feel still alive, like the snow, alive a little while longer.

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2 thoughts to “The Edge of Winter”

  1. “The Edge of the Elements,” “The Edge of Winter.” But not just two paintings that include the word “edge.” Other paintings from recent posts, and I would bet other paintings throughout your oeuvre have to do with edges. “April the Cruel,” to be sure and “Spaces Between Things” are two pretty recent examples. I would say that the “Metaphoric Images” from some years back are also about the transitional points where one thing turns into another, where winter turns into spring, where sand turns into water and in turn into sky.

    It’s not surprising, I suppose, that our language contains concepts about the edge: the cutting edge, the leading edge, life on the edge, for example, and maybe such notions are simply descriptive or inspiring. I suppose we intuit something of the energy of the edges when we talk about them. Your execution of these elusive, dynamic and highly energized points, spaces, moments is particularly admirable and appreciated. It takes me from the conceptual to the real.

  2. Dear Michael,
    I have been enjoying all your posts.
    This one, however, has struck such a chord in me, both the image and the sentiment expressed.

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