Behind the Sky

Behind The Sky – Acrylic/canvas – 36 x 48 inches.

A woman sleeps as the tide rolls in. A tall, pale plant sprouts from the sand against the backdrop of a transparent hillside. Oh yes, a red sky. Have I forgotten anything?

(Several people have inquired about the current whereabouts of this painting. I sold it to a film set designer many years ago, and the last time I saw it was in Hollywood. Since then the trail has grown cold.)

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One thought to “Behind the Sky”

  1. One guesses that it must be difficult to part with a painting. Something like letting a child go, having given her life, raised her for years, then letting her go on her own way. But so it is. The wonder lies in what will become of this offspring when left to her own devices. A painting may seem fixed on the canvas, and it is in the sense that the paint has dried, and the images themselves will not morph. But in two ways (at least) the painting will change. First, of course, is how different people in different times will perceive the images. How many paintings were unappreciated in their moment, then reassessed by later generations?

    In the case of this painting, perhaps others as well, the mystery, allusiveness and elusiveness of the subject will keep people guessing, perplexed forever, in their dreams as well as in waking hours.

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