Transparent Reflections

Edge of the Elements – Oil on canvas – 72 x 86 inches.
On a Spring afternoon in San Francisco not too many years ago, the artist caught a N Judah streetcar on Market St. and rode it, sketchbook in hand, out to the ocean. As he walked back into the city to his studio through Golden Gate Park he noticed a puddle of water and saw in it a meeting of air, water, earth and sun. Hence the title of the painting.
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One thought to “Transparent Reflections”

  1. Transparent Reflections – Edge of the Elements
    Some time ago you mentioned a kind of instinctive “go to” place in your painting, a “querencia,” as the Spanish might say of a fighting bull. It seems rooted in nature, and this painting, “Edge of the Elements” must be an early manifestation or development of that instinct. Judging from all that dark hair you have in the photo, the painting is probably from the early 1970’s. So it’s early, but it really packs in elements of future work, especially the unity of all things in nature, the merging of earth, water, air, sky and so on. So for me there is a double entendre in the title of this blog entry: obviously, the reflections in the pool of water, but more deeply, reflections of major artistic preoccupations that would come to occupy much of your subsequent work. A beautiful foretelling.

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