Daisy The Wonder Dog

Daisy The Wonder Dog – oil/canvas – 12 x 12 inches.

Even half-soaked, she weighs no more than 3½ kilos, and it takes a stretch of imagination to reflect on her origins in a distant past more than 20,000 years ago. She wades joyfully into a little pool in our back yard and then, thrilled to see us, runs to greet us when we come home from work in the evening. The sight of this soggy, happy descendant of wolves makes the heart swell.

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One thought to “Daisy The Wonder Dog”

  1. I don’t know about these things, but I understand that part of the relationship between dogs and humans is the secretion of oxytocin in the dog and in the human when they look each other in the eye: a kind of loving hormonal action. Could be. My own experience would confirm. Your rendering of Daisy is wonderful, for all the scruffiness and golden sun dipped scrawny legs, but mostly for the eye to eye exchange: oxytocin, I guess.

    Goya depicts lapdogs here and there, coiffed and playful in their own way, and Velazquez paints some noble hounds, at least as noble as their lords, maybe more so. But Daisy has got the stuff of what connects us to dogs: looks us in the eye, Wonderdog indeed.

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