The Road and the Sky

The Road and The Sky – Acrylic/paper – 18 x 24 inches.

When we were children, my little friends and I would talk about what we would become when we grew up. No butcher, baker or candlestick-maker for us — (and no one wanted to be a cop or a fireman or the president of the United States). No: in our future there was a race car driver, a parish priest, a millionaire, a pilot flying jet aircraft against the Communists and a star center fielder for the Chicago White Sox.

Because I knew they would laugh at me, I dared not say that when I grew up I wanted to be a tree. I would grow tall and slender like a proper oak or maple and my green hair and my hundred arms would welcome owls and spiders, squirrels and ravens and all kinds of wiggly bugs. I would also have legs and feet instead of roots so I could wander through the world.

Life had other plans for us of course, and no millionaire or baseball player grew out of our dreams. My hair did not turn green either, although it shares the same fate as leaves in Autumn. My feet are still on the road and my head is in the sky, clouds in my eyes, looking at stars. Still thirsty for a cup of light. An answer.

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One thought to “The Road and the Sky”

  1. You are most definitely a proper and stately tall and well-rooted tree swaying in the breeze! Love the feeling of the painting as well!

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