A Girl With Six Names, Maybe Seven

A Girl With Six Names, Maybe Seven – Watercolor – 21 x 29 inches.
A little girl is growing up. We can’t see where she might be going. She’s not certain either. But she, precocious child, is beginning to imagine there is more than one of her.

One of her selves knows that her bike will soon become a motorcycle, then a fishing boat and eventually a helicopter. Another self will resentfully nurse a dying man. Yet another will sing and play the piano poorly. A fourth will emigrate to Copenhagen. All her selves except one will love animals, especially dogs.

She’ll discover that in her heart there are many rooms, one for each of her names. None of the rooms have walls or ceilings. Her selves will enchant many men and women but not need them to feel complete. Three selves will shine as a muses for a painter. Another will inspire a politician, but not one of them would ever dream of marrying one.

She’s old enough to have felt the sharp edges of envy and hatred, but we can’t help that. In a moment she and her selves will disappear around the corner, riding into worlds they, and we, are just beginning to imagine.

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2 thoughts to “A Girl With Six Names, Maybe Seven”

  1. I can’t decide which I like more, the painting or the prose. So insightful. Well done Miguel!

    1. Hola, John. Thanks for reading the post and for the comment.
      All goes well here, in spite hot temperatures. But hey, it’s summer so . . .
      Hugs to you, Simone and your young adults.
      Me and C.

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