No Roads to Here

No Roads to Here – Watercolor and pencil on paper – 7 x 8 inches.

A few days ago I posted an image of a village street in Spain in the middle of the night. Frantic men were running and climbing walls to escape a bull with fiery horns. This is not an invention of my imagination. I was one of those fools. The bull spared me – barely — but meeting him has haunted me for years.

I painted the street scene objectively, I mean, as realistically as I could. You could say that I painted The Outside of the meeting, the confusion, the fear. What would an image of the Inside of the experience look like?

Here she stands: No shield, no mask, no sword, no cage, no clothes, no weapons, no defense, not even a smile. Her arms open like a peony. Fear yes, confusion no. Her arms open like the Buddha’s, embracing the World.

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