Red Sky, Rising Tide

Red Sky, Rising Tide – Acrylic on Paper – 28 x 29 inches.

Sometimes the world seems so vast it’s easy to get lost. You drive the best you can, but the road is narrow. The clutch keeps slipping, your load shifts in every curve, and sleep hovers above you like a dark angel. There’s an ache where your heart used to be.

Maybe you’re not really lost? Maybe you just wandered a long way off. Still . . . home is far away and a rising tide keeps coming in.

One thought to “Red Sky, Rising Tide”

  1. This looks and feels a bit like Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone.” And like “Twilight Zone” one is transported, here by the bird’s eye perspective, to a view and understanding of things that are not our usual solutions to mystery. Plus, that streak across the sky can’t be a con-trail, so what is it? Part of the mystery. We think we have a perspective that explains what we see, but the wide open view only poses more questions, more mystery.

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