Tourists and Natives

Iguanas Boceto – Watercolor, pencil, ink – 7 x 11 in.

Tourists and Natives

In the pink light of dawn,
birds coax us out of sleep with
exotic hoots and twitters never
heard in Minneapolis.

A crowd of iguanas lounge
in the sun on a hillside near our
room, and low above the water,
pelicans float in undulating ribbons.

Below them, waves arrive in irregular
processions from other edges of Planet
Earth, carrying gravitational energies
from the moon and all the stars.

Late in afternoons, clouds from the
southwest come to visit and bring
us curtains of warm rain to remind
us that it’s nearly time for dinner.

During the rest of the day, we bask in
sunlight, imagining ourselves to be like
pelicans, rain, or waves of energy, but
mostly we only resemble the iguanas.

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