Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings – watercolor/collage – 10 x 13 inches

It’s difficult enough to paint what you can see. Much harder to paint what can’t be seen and yet is known to be present. William Blake wrote about seeing a “World in a Grain of Sand.” It’s also possible to see a World in a pool of water.

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One thought to “Roots and Wings”

  1. The title of your watercolor seems useful to the enigma you put forth: painting the seen and the unseen. Neither “roots,” presumably underwater, nor “wings,” presumably in the sky, are present in the immediate sensation of the painting. However, floating (un-tethered and un-rooted) is manifest. The canoe floats, as do the lily pads. Incongruous images made real by their very existence on paper in the watercolor. Titles of paintings might be descriptive (e.g. Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus”), or deliberately abstract and undescriptive (e.g. Jackson Pollack’s “Number 1A, 1948”), or, as in the case of your watercolor, you might be leading the viewer to see what is unseen “Roots and Wings.”

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