Reds for Susanne

Reds for Susanne Watercolor 8 x 11 inches

A few days ago, just before the end of the year, I learned that an old friend had died. He was a remarkable painter, writer, fly-fisherman and friend, but after he moved from California to Montana, we gradually lost touch. It’s a story you know as well as I do: the wear and tear of years and miles.

No matter how close or how far away we are from people we love, the twin sisters of Life and Death are always constant companions, whether we embrace them or not. Still, it was a surprise to suddenly discover, after other years and miles, that a friend I had lost touch with after she returned from California to her native Germany had re-entered the present.

As I remember, red is one of her favorite colors, so these reds are dedicated to her in the beginning of this new year (and in gratitude to the Twins.)

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