Rain Street

Rain Street – Watercolor – 10 x 15 inches

Ever since I was a child, a theater, any theater, was a magnet of stories and magic, a refuge in my imagination from the indifference of the street and the brutalities of other children. Now the children have faded into memory. Streets are still indifferent and sometimes as brutal as the children, but the theater, any theater, still welcomes me.

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One thought to “Rain Street”

  1. Rain Street

    Good title for a movie, “Rain Street,” a bit of a play on “Main Street,” but much more suggestive. Your watercolor is beautiful, mysterious and suggestive. The wonder and mystery of films is certainly evoked, its magnetism captured in the welcoming marquee.

    In 1953 (I know that was the date because facts like this are easy to find these days.) I went to one of my first movies, if not in fact the very first. I was seven years old; you were twelve. On a cold December night, through snow and mostly walking in car tracks in the street (because by that time enough snow had fallen that the streets were mostly empty of traffic) you took me to one of my first movies. “The Robe” was playing, if I recall correctly, at the Grove Theater. Well the movie was fantastic. How would it not be: a religious epic in Hollywood’s style for such films; a young Richard Burton, a theme I would have found familiar even after only a few years of parochial school: the Crucifixtion, centurions gambling for Christ’s robe.

    I don’t really remember much more of the film. The most important facts of the evening are the love of cinema that was born in me that day and the fact that my big brother Michael took me to see that movie.

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