Columbines: Pages From a Sketchbook

Columbines: Sketchbook pages – pencil, watercolor – 8.5 x 11 inches.

There are many ways to cope with anxiety and stress, not all of them good for your health. My favorites are: playing with a dog, walking anywhere — but especially in green places — and drawing. (Oops, I almost forgot to mention red wine and dark chocolate.)

You don’t need much for drawing: some paper, a pencil, and maybe a few colors. Flowers are terrific subjects because you really have to slow down to pay attention to them. The best part is that you don’t have to even finish the drawing. Just paying attention and striving for accuracy does wonders for releasing you from whatever hell you find yourself in.

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2 thoughts to “Columbines: Pages From a Sketchbook”

  1. Columbines

    We all know the cliché “Stop and smell the roses.” It seems as though Michael has found his own way to slow down time and enjoy the moment by attending to the exquisite detail of flowers. It’s probably a circular sort of thing: developing the skill to draw, then using the the skill to render the delicacy and fleeting beauty of flowers, then refining and improving the skill through repeated renderings. The skill makes it possible to pay attention and paying attention improves the skill. And, it gives great pleasure to us as viewers of the art to share, even to experience vicariously as you “Stop and draw the columbines.”

  2. The irises, too. Having some of Michael’s irises allow me to have them year round. I don’t need to check the yard to see if they’ve waked from their winter slumber. I just check out the ones hanging on the wall, smile, and know the growing ones will show up when it’s time.

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