Nevada Wind

Nevada –  Oil on canvas – 24 x 36 inches.
On an empty road in northern Nevada one morning, I saw freight cars parked under a vast expanse of the most beautiful sky you could imagine. I stopped the truck and walked around in the sagebrush for a while. There wasn’t a train in sight. No epiphanies, visions or revelations either. Only a rasping sound of wind.
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One thought to “Nevada Wind”

  1. I do so like the “windows” in this painting: the openings in the boxcars that let you see through to the mountains beyond (and not coincidentally, allow the wind to blow through). But also, the wide open “window” where the flatcar opens the space between the boxcars. Considering the title of the painting, perhaps these are “wind-ows.”

    It’s remarkable also to sense motion in a painting that features immobile train cars. Static becomes dynamic in the slightly off center placement of the cars and in the motion of the clouds and sagebrush contrasted with the immobility of the mountains. This seems to me to be a very skillful rendering of the tactile (wind) through the visual (a two dimensional painting).

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